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The West Coast Zoner Jam 5 was held at the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater in San Francisco on 10/15/11
Check out the recorded video streams here: West Coast Zoner Jam 5

William Mylar Band - Live in Sacramento, CA November 1, 2008

If you are looking fpr the video "I Won't Ask For More" that was aired on a Sacramento TV Program on July 7, 2009, please follow this link and enter "Grangestock" in the search field: Sacramento & Co. Channel 10

More free Mylar music may be found on the Live Music Archive (LMA) at http://www.archive.org
Simply search for "William Mylar" or "Mylar" and follow the links. Joining the LMA is free.

Other than special offers for members of the Mylarville mailing list, we no longer stock CDs and videos for mail order. If your local record store does not have Mylar Music on their shelves or does not place orders, you can find Mylar Music on the world wide web.
We have provided some links to popular online stores. There are also a number of online services available in Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world. Almost all of these web sites have samples that stream much better than we can do here.

Distributors of Mylar Records, USA (Indie recording label since 1983)

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In addition to some of the sites above, here are some links where you can download Mylar Music (You may need to join some of these services)
AudioLunchBox.com Rhapsody.com Apple.com/itunes Music.MSN.com Napster.com (some links may be old)

Mylar Music can also be heard over satellite and digital radio stations such as Sirius, XM Radio, and DigitalUK.

William Mylar catalog published by Baby Troid Music (ASCAP)

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Other William Mylar recordings and videos
WMB on Fiday Night Live 7/18/03 - 3 song DVD (Limited quantity - $25 plus P&H) SOLD OUT!
Tracks - Folk Wave Rock, His Great Escape, and Right On Time
Features Mylar, Jim Irion, Pete Miller, and Ken Burnett
Orders are exclusive from this web site - please send email to mylar@mylarville.com
Mylar has appeared on Comcast's Friday Night Live program more than any other artist and we have at least 20 videos in the Mylarville Vault. There are also CD recordings from many of these shows.
We hope to release some of these in multi-media format at a future date.

Mylarville Vault recordings are currently not for sale.
Many of the recordings listed here were duplicated on cassette tape and sold at shows. Some were never released at all, due to copyright and other technicalities. Or, Mylar simply didn't approve of the sound and would not allow them to be released.
1979 - The Wet Farts performing A Girl Like That (Juggler Studios) - Music by Mylar/Zout/Bris
1980 - Live at the Fox & Goose
1981 - Live at CSUS
1982 - Live at The Entertainment Factory (with Nobody -Paul Williams, Glenn Hair, and Maria Tejes)
1983 - Live at Fox & Goose II
1985 - Songs For Grandpa (includes Russian Lullaby & Sweet Georgia Brown) Edgerton Studios
1986 - One World, One People (Single release) Music written and performed by Mylar (Features keys, drums, bass, guitar, and vocals) - Recorded at Edgerton Studios in Carmichael, CA.
1989 - Smell The Carp by Carp with Mylar, Hair, Williams, Quigley, and Whitmarsh
1991 - The Pocket Rockets - Mylar, Hair, and Van Arkel
1992 - Late Nite - Mylar, Hair, Miller, and Van Arkel
1994 - William Mylar Band - Mylar, Miller, and Van Arkel
1996 - Barking Spiders on Friday Night Live - Mylar, Hair, Williams, Bianchi, and Van Arkel
From 2000 to present there have been many live recordings and pre-studio recordings made of Mylar solo and with the various arrangements of his band. Most of these are not mixed yet, but may be distilled into commercial formats for future release.
There are also a number of bootleg recordings out there. We know because we saw people taping shows. Contact us if you know how we can get a copy. If the quality is good, we may be interested in remastering. We are especially interested in any recordings made of Mylar with the Kountry Kousins, circa 1975/76. Anything before 1980 is almost all bootleg and not from the sound board like the ones listed above, but we would still like to hear them and judge for ourselves. No questions asked.